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Who We Are

We are veterans from every branch of uniformed services and every conflict from World War II to the Global War on Terror. We are the families of those who have proudly worn the uniform. We are patriotic citizens who value America’s ideals and are concerned about the fate of our country. We come from all walks of life and live in every community across America.

We are committed to the historical promise of our nation: that all Americans have an equal opportunity to pursue prosperity. Throughout our years of service and many deployments around the world, we have seen firsthand what happens when freedom and free markets are interfered with and fail. We know all too well that freedoms surrendered are rarely – if ever – regained. We know that veterans, service members and their families have unique experiences with and perspectives on the issues facing our country.

For this reason, we must rally again to serve as active citizens to elevate those experiences and perspectives to empower our fellow citizens and deliver solutions to shape a better American future.

CVA delivers people-empowering solutions rooted in liberty-based principles to tackle issues Americans face. By elevating veterans’ unique perspectives and trusted leadership, CVA builds engaged communities of veterans and activists equipped to inspire action, amplify concerned voices, and help improve American lives.

Our Team

Russ Duerstine

Executive Director

John Byrnes

Strategic Director

Darin Selnick

Senior Advisor

Jason Beardsley

Senior Coalitions Advisor

Herb Ford

General Counsel

Tyler Koteskey

Policy Director

Sarah Shriver Smothers

Communications Director

Kyle Buckles

Marketing Manager

Lauren Stewart

Senior Legislative Affairs Liaison

Dominic Nordel

Federal Affairs Liaison

Kandace Raymond

Regional Grassroots Director

Frank Bullock

Strategic Director, South Carolina

Leo Garcia

Strategic Director, Nevada

Chris Enget

Strategic Director, Montana

Brian Fay

Strategic Director, Florida

Ian Robinson

Strategic Director, Ohio

Osvaldo Gutierrez

Strategic Director, Texas

David Huston

Director of Grassroots Operations, Florida

Jimmie T. Smith

Coalitions Director

William Huff

Grassroots Engagement Director, Florida

Edrys Leyva

Grassroots Engagement Director, Florida

Jessica Villarreal

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

William Thomas

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

Angela Jander

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

Michael Pichichero

Director of Grassroots Operations, Ohio

Josh Klatt

Grassroots Engagement Director, Ohio

Adam Miller

Grassroots Engagement Director, Ohio

Luis Velazquez

Grassroots Engagement Director, North Carolina

David Cyr

Grassroots Engagement Director, North Carolina

Tim Taylor

Grassroots Engagement Director, Arizona

Jon Ovando

Grassroots Engagement Director, Nevada

Ryan Gerchman

Grassroots Engagement Director, Nevada

Adam Jahnke

Grassroots Engagement Director, South Carolina

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