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Who We Are

We are veterans from every branch of uniformed services and every conflict from World War II to the Global War on Terror. We are the family members of those who have proudly worn the uniform. We are freedom-loving citizens who value America’s heroes and are concerned about the fate of our country. We come from all walks of life and live in every community across America.

We all share a strong belief that the freedoms we have defended – that our friends and loved ones suffered and died for – are being threatened by the irresponsibility, broken promises, and misguided priorities of our leaders in Washington. We know that veterans, service members and their families are, and will continue to be, disproportionately affected by the current economic crisis. For this reason, we must rally again to serve as active citizens, just as we fought as soldiers.

Throughout our years of service and many deployments around the world, we have seen firsthand what happens when freedom and free markets are interfered with and fail. We know all too well that freedoms surrendered are rarely – if ever – regained. And we watch as our elected leaders continue to shrink from challenges and betray the trust placed in them. The truth is, the ideals and freedoms that have defined America since its founding are dissolving before our eyes.

We are committed to the historical promise of our nation: that all Americans have an equal opportunity to pursue prosperity. We affirm this commitment by working to return to the tradition of limited, effective government so that those men and women who have given the most in service to this nation will not be denied their chance to enjoy that prosperity.

We are resolved that it is our sacred duty to stand as one – veterans, family members and active citizens alike – in defense of the fundamental ideals of liberty that are the soil from which opportunity for prosperity grows.

Our Team

Russ Duerstine

Executive Director

John Byrnes

Deputy Director

Josh Stanwitz

National Grassroots Liaison

Ray Hoskins

Education Director

Darin Selnick

Senior Advisor

Jason Beardsley

Senior Coalitions Advisor

Herb Ford

General Counsel

Tyler Koteskey

Policy Director

Kyle Buckles

Communications Director

Sarah Shriver Smothers

Press Secretary

Lauren Stewart

Senior Legislative Affairs Liaison

Dominic Nordel

Federal Affairs Liaison

Sam Rogers

Strategic Projects Advisor, Wisconsin

Frank Bullock

Strategic Director, South Carolina

Leo Garcia

Strategic Director, Nevada

Ben Rangel

Strategic Director, Texas

Nate Banks

Strategic Director, Colorado

Chris Enget

Strategic Director, Montana

Jose Ramos

Strategic Director, North Carolina

Jimmie T. Smith

Coalitions Director, Florida

Brian Fay

Strategic Director, Florida

David Huston

Grassroots Engagement Director, Florida

William Huff

Grassroots Engagement Director, Florida

Edrys Leyva

Grassroots Engagement Director, Florida

Jessica Villarreal

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

Osvaldo Gutierrez

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

William Thomas

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

Kandace Raymond

Grassroots Engagement Director, Texas

Kit Amidzich

Grassroots Engagement Director, Wisconsin

Gregory Shaw

Grassroots Engagement Director, New Mexico

Michael Pounds

Grassroots Engagement Director, Ohio

Ian Robinson

Grassroots Engagement Director, Ohio

Michael Pichichero

Grassroots Engagement Director, Ohio

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