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Jon Ovando

Jon Ovando

Jon Ovando is a grassroots engagement director for Concerned Veterans for America in Nevada and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Jon joined the Marine Corps in 2009, excited to be part of the United States’ greatest fighting force and for the opportunities his service would afford. After serving nearly four years, health concerns forced Jon into a medical discharge. Jon hadn’t planned on leaving the Marines that quickly, and the transition out was difficult.

Once back in civilian life, Jon’s health got considerably worse, including multiple strokes and bouts of cancer. He struggled to get disability benefits and spent several months homeless. His physical and mental health problems were exacerbated by long wait times and poor care at his local Veterans Affairs medical facility.

A chance meeting with a CVA staff member led Jon to learn about his options to get care outside the VA. Once he was able to start accessing the care he needed, he realized more veterans needed the same support and a community of veterans around them. Jon joined CVA in 2022 to be a community builder and voice for veterans who are struggling.

Jon lives in Las Vegas.