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The greatest threat to America’s security and future prosperity is our growing national debt. As veterans, we fought and sacrificed for the future of our country, and reckless spending that plunges us further into debt is irresponsible and jeopardizes the long-term health and prosperity of the country.

Irresponsible spending, bad deals, and federal bailouts are not the answer. Take action to oppose them.



The world is a dangerous place, but our greatest threat lies here at home in the form of our national debt. At $25 trillion dollars and counting, this is an urgent problem putting our entire country’s economy at risk, threatening our ability to fund a strong national defense, and crushing future generations.

As veterans, we know what it means to swear an oath to defend our country against all threats, foreign and domestic. Members of Congress swear a similar oath. With mountains of debt and more borrowing to come, it’s clear the biggest threat to our country is domestic: Washington’s reckless spending and debt…and the American taxpayer is shouldered with the burden.

America’s military strength is directly connected to our economic strength. America’s history of military strength is rooted in strong economies and free markets which encouraged innovation and allowed the rapid expansion of our armed forces during times of war. When our economic health is put at risk, so is our military strength.

It for these reasons that prominent military leaders like legendary Marine General James Mattis and former Chairman of the Joint Chief Staff Admiral Mike Mullen have called our national debt one of the greatest long-term threats facing our nation. It is crucial that Congress and the President begin to take this very real national security threat more seriously.


Fortunately, there are responsible and smart reforms that Washington can enact to start reducing the threat of out an unsustainable national debt:

Washington needs to add transparency to the budget process and end crisis year-end budgeting, reform entitlement and mandatory spending programs to preserve them for future generations and reduce their long-term impact on the debt; and slow the growth of discretionary spending, to include cost-saving reforms like BRAC.

At CVA, this is what we are fighting for, and with your help we can make it happen.

America’s financial future is at risk. The time to act is now. We cannot afford more reckless spending from Washington.