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Veterans deserve more choices when it comes to their medical care. Whether they choose to receive care at the VA or from a community provider, the bottom line is that it should be up to the veteran. Tell your lawmaker to support legislation that empowers veterans with more choice!



Veterans are promised care after serving this country in uniform. But too often, the department tasked with delivering that care fails.

While many veterans like the care they receive at the VA, many others experience long wait times, randomly canceled appointments, mismanaged medical records, misdiagnosed injuries, denial of necessary care, and a host of other failures.

We’re shining a light on the failures at the VA so that all Americans can call on the department to do better. 

Take a look at the latest examples of VA failure and our solutions for ensuring veterans get the care they need.


Addressing failure at the VA starts with accountability for the department and ends with more choice for
veterans in where they access health care.

Members of Congress have presented a few solutions that would break down barriers at the VA and
empower veterans with more access to care:

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