February 23, 2017

Bill introduced to modify GI Bill benefits

Last week, Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID) introduced HR 1112 to the House of Representatives to modify the GI Bill. This bill, along with a companion piece in the Senate introduced by Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID), would “permit the reassignment of veteran’s education benefits in cases where the designated beneficiary passes away.” Unfortunately, this bill bears… Read more »

February 22, 2017

#VAFail – VA facilities are seeing a “sharp increase” in missing and stolen drugs

A new report from the Associated Press (AP) has found that Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) facilities nationwide are seeing a “sharp increase in opioid theft, missing prescriptions or unauthorized drug use by VA employees.” The report also states that drug tracking and oversight at the VA are far less stringent than they should be…. Read more »

February 22, 2017

In FL, Wasteful Spending Cuts Move Through Appropriations Committee

Yesterday the Florida House of Representatives Appropriations Committee passed legislation ending many corporate welfare programs, sending the bill for a full vote on the House floor next week. Notably, the bill (PCB CCS 17-01) eliminates Enterprise Florida’s public-private partnership. The agency hands out taxpayer funds to a few, large companies at the expense of many hardworking… Read more »

February 17, 2017

Happy Birthday to the Coast Guard Reserve

On Sunday, the United States Coast Guard Reserve turns 76 years old. The Coast Guard Reserve draws its history from the much older Coast Guard, who will turn 227 later this year. The first Congress originally authorized the Revenue Marine to “enforce federal tariff and trade laws and to prevent smuggling” as part of the… Read more »

February 17, 2017

Recent GAO report finds DOD finances in disarray

According to a report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) this month, measures to make the Department of Defense (DOD) audit-ready are not going smoothly. Government Executive reported that many hoped 2017 would remain “the target year for achieving clean internal books”, but according to this report the Pentagon won’t soon have auditable books… Read more »

February 16, 2017

Sen. Ernst Calls for Gorsuch’s SCOTUS Confirmation As Defender of Constitution

As veterans, we have a sacred relationship with the U.S. Constitution because we have sacrificed our lives to defend it. Just because we took off our uniforms doesn’t mean our fight to protect it is over—now we must fight for leadership that will do the same. President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill… Read more »

February 16, 2017

#VAFail – Improper payments of burial benefits go to veterans who are still living

The Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report last week finding that during a six-month period, the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) improperly authorized 28% of its automated payments. These improper payments “included payments to spouses who were no on veterans’ records at the date of death or who were deceased, multiple payments,… Read more »