July 18, 2017

Choice reform legislation must put veterans’ needs first

Three years ago, a succession of scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs revealed veterans were dying due to negligence, fraud and abuse at VA hospitals across the nation. In response, Congress implemented a temporary measure that was meant to ease the burden on some veterans by allowing them to receive care elsewhere in the… Read more »

July 17, 2017

#VAFail – At the Manchester VA, good performance ratings don’t equal good performance

One of the VA’s better-rated facilities has come under fire on multiple fronts for misconduct and poor quality of care for its patients. Whistleblowers at the Manchester, New Hampshire VA – the only VA hospital in New Hampshire – claim that facilities are unsanitary and infested with flies, veterans are waiting extensive amounts of time… Read more »

July 13, 2017

VA begins publishing disciplinary actions to create more transparency

Last week the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin announced plans to publicly post the firings, demotions and suspensions of VA employees in order to improve transparency in the accountability process. Secretary Shulkin and the Trump administration’s recent actions to bring more accountability and transparency to the department is a positive step towards reforming… Read more »

July 11, 2017

This week on the Hill – Veterans’ choice, VA efficiency and NDAA

Congress just returned from recess yesterday to a full plate of hearings, debates, and discussions. With just a few legislative weeks until the August recess, there is much to get done in both the House and Senate, specifically on the budget. This is a busy week for the House and Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committees as… Read more »

July 10, 2017

Cruz calls for veterans’ health care reform in town hall events

Last week Concerned Veterans for America hosted a series of Defend & Reform Town Halls throughout Texas, focusing on veterans’ health care and reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs. CVA was joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for events in Dallas, Austin and Houston. In each of these events, Sen. Cruz emphasized the need for… Read more »

July 10, 2017

#VAFail – VA sends veteran the confidential records of 12 other vets

Is the VA just going to say, “Oh no, not again” to the same mistake being made over and over? That has been the response by VA staff in the past when notified of confidential records being sent to the wrong person. Strict laws exist to protect the privacy of medical records, yet the medical… Read more »

July 3, 2017

Independence Day celebrates actions over rhetoric

July 4, 1776, has proven to be one of the most significant days in human history. 56 men with different lifestyles, backgrounds, and philosophies came together to united on one idea – freedom. The actions of these men spread the fire of liberty throughout the colonies, which were already waging their own battles against England…. Read more »