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Millions of veterans use the VA every day for their health care needs. For some, their experiences have been great. Others feel the VA has failed them. Many more are somewhere in between. Every story matters. Each one helps ensure the VA is providing veterans with the best possible health care options.

At Concerned Veterans for America, we’re amplifying these stories to continue reforming the VA and looking out for our fellow veterans. After all, veterans should be the VA’s top priority. Join veterans from across the country who are making their voices heard and telling their stories to bring changes to veterans care.

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Veteran voices across the country.

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Military family | Florida

My father was a WWII veteran and received excellent care anytime he visited or needed help from the Veterans clinic


Army veteran | Michigan

I give the VA program a grade of A+ and would recommend it to all candidates that have suffered war or abuse.


Navy veteran | Arkansas

I have only good things to say about the VA care I have received over the years beginning in 1975. Got my diabetes under control. Put me on a healthy diet. Helped me loose 25 lbs.


Army veteran | Alabama

For the past 3 to 4 years I have been very impressed with the improvement in service including the doctors.


Air Force veteran | Indiana

The VA is set up for the benefit of the employees not the veterans. I have been using the community care program.


Air Force veteran | Colorado

VA doctors and nurses were very professional and caring....wonderful bed side manner.


Navy veteran | Georgia

The VA isn't forthcoming with information for our veterans.


Air Force veteran | Connecticut

I have only good things to say about the care I have received through the VA here in CT


Navy veteran | South Carolina

I have never returned to the VA center because I feel I was slighted and not taken seriously. Yes…I’m disappointed and angry!


Army veteran | Florida

I have never, whether it be in the private sector or the veterans hospital, had better treatment than I do at the West Palm VA


Army veteran | Florida

I’m very proud of the VA care that I receive. Every person working at the VA centers which handles my health problems could not be more professional and always ready to help.


Navy veteran | North Carolina

They are screwing with my credit because of medical bills not paid to community care providers


Marine Corps veteran | Colorado

With the exception of getting care during the pandemic I’ve always had great service. No complaints from me.


Army veteran | Texas

Over all I can't complain, I do have a problem with my back and for some reason the VA avoids that. Whatever else I need they have seen that I receive it medications, equipment, therapy and surgery.


Air Force veteran | Georgia

My biggest frustration is just trying to call and make an appointment...When you go online and see the reviews for these clinics honestly you don’t want to go there, they are awful.