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Millions of veterans use the VA every day for their health care needs. For some, their experiences have been great. Others feel the VA has failed them. Many more are somewhere in between. Every story matters. Each one helps ensure the VA is providing veterans with the best possible health care options.

At Concerned Veterans for America, we’re amplifying these stories to continue reforming the VA and looking out for our fellow veterans. After all, veterans should be the VA’s top priority. Join veterans from across the country who are making their voices heard and telling their stories to bring changes to veterans care.

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Veteran voices across the country.

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Navy veteran | North Carolina

They are screwing with my credit because of medical bills not paid to community care providers


Marine Corps veteran | Colorado

With the exception of getting care during the pandemic I’ve always had great service. No complaints from me.


Army veteran | Texas

Over all I can't complain, I do have a problem with my back and for some reason the VA avoids that. Whatever else I need they have seen that I receive it medications, equipment, therapy and surgery.


Air Force veteran | Georgia

My biggest frustration is just trying to call and make an appointment...When you go online and see the reviews for these clinics honestly you don’t want to go there, they are awful.


Army veteran | Louisiana

I can't be more pleased with the care and attention I get at my local VA Clinic in Lake Charles Louisiana. The doctor and staff that are on my team have been attentive, caring and supportive. I have heard stories of other veterans having difficulties with the VA, but at this point I'm not one of them.


Army veteran | California

I haven't even signed up with the VA. Over the years, I've heard far too many disheartening stories of how my fellow veterans have been turned away, denied and mistreated, and I wanted nothing to do with that organization.


Air Force veteran | Pennsylvania

I should be able to receive services from outside the VA when I feel I am not receiving appropriate care from within the system.


Air Force veteran | Florida

Gainesville Fla. is a good hospital. I live 2 hrs. away but go there when I feel that I should if it’s service related. Having balance problems now that they are helping me with.


Army veteran | Wisconsin

Many of us are being told when we get there our appointment has been canceled by us. And it is not true. Also it takes way to long to get appointment


Air Force veteran | Indiana

My doctors always listen to me about what problems I'm having and they go out of their way out to provide me the care to help with my health problems.


Air Force veteran | California

I have been extremely pleased with the services I have received from the VA and with the professionalism and medical knowledge of all my providers. I admit that I was skeptical before my first appointment, but that feeling disappeared quickly. Thank you for all the help that the VA has given me. As a result, I have good health for a 77-year old.


Navy veteran | Illinois

I have used VA Healthcare for many years and have only one comment, awesome service from a staff of wonderful, dedicated personal.


Air Force veteran | Nevada

Decided to start using VA medical benefits last year. Had to wait about 3 months for first appointment and it had to be over the phone due to COVID. Since then, outside of wait time to get appointments it's been great. No long wait times at the appointments and I'm happy with everyone I've seen, they've been great. Again the only bad thing is the wait time to get appointment.


Army veteran | Georgia

I wish I had never went to the VA.


Army veteran | Florida

I must say that the VA has been good to me most of the time...I feel that now it is starting to go the wrong way. Things are changing, it's harder to get appointments now, and when you do get one it may be a long time before you can be seen, or you may get referred outside and that still takes sometime. I am just glad I haven't had a serious emergency.