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Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Adam Miller is a grassroots engagement director for CVA in Ohio and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  

Adam served on active duty in the Marine Corps from 2004 to 2008 and was Honorably Discharged in 2012. During his time in the Marines, he was deployed twice with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Task Force 1/8 in support of the Global War on Terror to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He served a combat tour in Ramadi, Iraq, contributing to the surge efforts. 

Adam conducted several training evolutions through the Marine Corps Special Operations Training Group (SOTG) and conducted foreign language training through the Defense Language Institute (DLI). As a Marine infantryman and non-commissioned officer, he served as a Team Leader, Patrol Leader, and Vehicle Commander. 

After leaving the Marine Corps, Adam joined CVA as a volunteer in 2013 and moved up the ranks to his current position of Grassroots Engagement Director. He is an engaged member of his community, elected by his constituents to serve four terms as a city councilman. He also serves locally as an active member of several veteran and civic organizations.  

Adam lives in Cuyahoga Falls with his wife Jessica and their two daughters.