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Millions of veterans use the VA every day for their health care needs. For some, their experiences have been great. Others feel the VA has failed them. Many more are somewhere in between. Every story matters. Each one helps ensure the VA is providing veterans with the best possible health care options.

At Concerned Veterans for America, we’re amplifying these stories to continue reforming the VA and looking out for our fellow veterans. After all, veterans should be the VA’s top priority. Join veterans from across the country who are making their voices heard and telling their stories to bring changes to veterans care.

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Army veteran | Texas

The VA services can be as good as any hospital in most any community. The downside is in my view and experiences there is a widely known fact there is no accountability for those employees who mistreat us veterans AND a real credible act of retaliation against any vet or VA employee who speaks up or out.


Army veteran | Colorado

Meds late, meds wrong, refills forgotten. My 3rd primary doctor so far. Constantly shuffled around and treated by staff as if this is free medical care. It's just a job with them. Constant need to push them to get minimal care. The Patient Advocate is a joke. Can't even get a return call. Treated like I can't even be trusted with my own meds, if only they knew what I was responsible for in the military. If given the option, would never go back.


Navy veteran | Texas

Being a disabled female veteran I've seen huge improvements. But there is so much more need for change! My PCP ignores any questions or input I have. The pain management clinic is stifled by bureaucracy.


Army veteran | South Carolina

I receive all my medications through the VA. On numerous occasions, when I went to re-order a specific medication, I found that it was no longer part of my Prescription list of available medications. It was either discontinued, expired or just dropped from my list. Communicating this problem to my provider creates an additional period of delay time to getting my needed medication.


Army veteran | North Carolina

Overall I would give the VA a B- Generally the wait is only 10-20 mins, occasionally an hour to wait to see a Doctor or Specialist! My "WORST encounter" was mid Nov. 2020, when I was driven 1 hour for a 2PM apt at the Raleigh VA clinic. Five minutes after checking in a female staff member called me to the door, and stated the Doctor was not in


Army veteran | Washington

My large tumor on my parathyroid gland went undiagnosed for over 9 years by the VA. They finally did the surgery December 2020 and a month or 2 after the surgery all my symptoms came back which means they either missed another tumor on one of the 4 other parathyroid glands or they didn't fully remove the tumor...I'm so mad at myself that I didn't heed the advice of friends and coworkers to use a provider in my insurance network instead of the VA.


Navy veteran | Kansas

I feel abandoned in general.


Army veteran | Kansas

When I had heard nothing from Community Care within several weeks regarding [a] referral (an occurrence that is far too common when community care is involved), I reached out myself to identify and hopefully rectify the delay. Much to my dismay, the referral had never been received. I reached out to general surgery to figure out how the referral had not yet been placed and was assured the referral would be entered. When I was finally contacted by Community Care regarding the referral, MONTHS after the general surgery appointment that gave rise to the referral, there was no hospital- or doctor-specific information attached to the referral itself. I have finally received another consult for general surgery within the VA, which places me firmly back not to--but BEFORE--square one…Here's hoping that things go better this time around, albeit, based on my myriad negative experiences within the VA system--and my very negative experience in attempting to address this severely debilitating and life-deteriorating/altering issue previously--my expectations are decidedly (and unfortunately) low.


Air Force veteran | Washington

It is so important to have Community Care in my case. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2021 at the same time we were moving to Spokane, WA from California. When I registered at the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center in Spokane I was welcomed and very efficiently registered. When I told them of my diagnosis they put me on a priority list to get an appointment. At my initial appointment I was referred to an oncologist in the Spokane medical community. I was so pleased to know that the VA could coordinate my community care for me since I was new to Spokane medical providers. I had to wait until November to have my surgery because of Covid. This VA also has a cancer care support team. I am very thankful for The Mission Act.


Army veteran | North Carolina

Even before Covid, the VA was manipulating the scheduling. They would book appointments as far out as they can then send you a cancellation letter to you within a week of the appointment stating that they have been trying to reach me (they had not) to reschedule my appointment. This puts the rescheduling responsibility on me. When you call to reschedule they do pushing the date out as far as possible (again). Rinse and repeat...


Army veteran | Maryland

When I request a specialist, my primary care doctor blocks me from using community care by saying as the PCP, she is the gatekeeper and will address my medical concerns. My understanding is that primary care physicians ARE NOT specialist, but MAY be familiar with common issues. I am extremely disappointed in my VA health care


Air Force veteran | Utah

The VA has refused medical treatment for me three times. I've had to go outside the VA to be diagnosed and receive treatment at my own expense. Staff members at the VA have lied to me to cover up their mistakes. I no longer trust them. I feel betrayed.


Army veteran | Utah

Twenty years of botched care, delayed care, denied care. The past five years have been an absolute nightmare. Undiagnosed and untreated physical condition has led to absolute annihilation of my mental state. The VA is a doom loop.


Army veteran | Massachusetts

Had mental health appointment canceled by provider in June but VA systems continued to email me and text me about the appointment time and to be there virtually. Waiting 15 in room for provider to host and called Bedford VA Mental Health and was told appointment was canceled and next earliest appointment is [September] I was already booked out two months now it will be over 90 days between seeing mental health.


Army veteran | North Carolina

After receiving care from various VA facilities for the past 30 years I had to transfer my services to UNC from the Fayetteville NC VA when Covid-19 happened because all my appointments were canceled. I have several chronic health issues, and I had 2 surgeries scheduled. All my appointments were canceled as were my surgeries. The Fayetteville VA never rescheduled my appointments or surgeries.