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Millions of veterans use the VA every day for their health care needs. For some, their experiences have been great. Others feel the VA has failed them. Many more are somewhere in between. Every story matters. Each one helps ensure the VA is providing veterans with the best possible health care options.

At Concerned Veterans for America, we’re amplifying these stories to continue reforming the VA and looking out for our fellow veterans. After all, veterans should be the VA’s top priority. Join veterans from across the country who are making their voices heard and telling their stories to bring changes to veterans care.

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Military family | Pennsylvania

My family is very and sorely disappointed in the VA. My father a Navy veteran needs a pacemaker. He's 89 years old. The hospital in our area is where his and my mother's cardiologist wants him to go there to get it put in. The VA in Philadelphia gave us one heck of a time. They won't authorize to send him where he lives and gave us a bad rap. They told us it would cost $60,000 to operate if he won't have it put in the city VA.


Marine Corps veteran | New York

Employees need to answer their phone, listen to their messages, and return call to the veterans - WHO NEED THEIR HELP!


Army veteran | Arkansas

I was released at 9 pm the same day after having a stroke. I was told I had a pinched nerve. I went to back to the ER 10 hours later and then it was confirmed I had a stroke. I was released two weeks later with no home health care for 6 weeks.


Army veteran | Utah

My experience with the VA has been eye opening. It has taught me that I can't rely on the VA to follow through with anything...I have zero trust in the VA. Every doctor I see locally that works with veterans feels the same as I do. It's unacceptable and needs to be addressed.


Marine Corps veteran | Florida

I have asked for Community Care and being told "sorry go to the local VA. We wont authorize that." I am 100 percent, and I have too many health issues that make traveling to the VA both psychically and emotionalizing taxing!


Air Force and Marine Corps Veteran | Nevada

My experiences with the Veterans Administration are usually very good. However, there are occasions when I request to see my VA doctors, that there are no available appointments for 3-6 months, resulting in my having to be seen by a non-VA doctor


Army Veteran | Ohio

VA is getting a little bit better with treatments but it still takes a long time to get in. It takes a long time to get approval for outside treatment. I can’t drive an hour and 20 minutes to Cleveland every time I need a treatment and miss work.


Army Veteran | Arkansas

I get excellent care for any issue that arises.


Air Force veteran | Michigan

Though the VA has been very good in connecting me with Community Care networks, it has been bad at paying for an ambulance I had to take when I had a heart attack. It has been good for ME in most every other aspect. My son died because the VA did not pay for his three hospital stays for congestive heart failure and he waited three months not breathing well and not being able to walk three feet without almost passing out before he went to ER because he could not afford it.


Army veteran | Arizona

I am happy with the VA facilities! I've had a couple doctors over the years that I was not happy with and requested a different one. Overall I am satisfied with the care I have received!


Military family | Florida

My father was a WWII veteran and received excellent care anytime he visited or needed help from the Veterans clinic


Army veteran | Michigan

I give the VA program a grade of A+ and would recommend it to all candidates that have suffered war or abuse.


Navy veteran | Arkansas

I have only good things to say about the VA care I have received over the years beginning in 1975. Got my diabetes under control. Put me on a healthy diet. Helped me loose 25 lbs.


Army veteran | Alabama

For the past 3 to 4 years I have been very impressed with the improvement in service including the doctors.


Air Force veteran | Indiana

The VA is set up for the benefit of the employees not the veterans. I have been using the community care program.