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CVA responds to Biden op-ed: rhetoric not matching actions

By Concerned Veterans for America

Veterans group calls for more end-state clarity in foreign policy decisions


ARLINGTON, Va.—Concerned Veterans for America on Wednesday responded to President Biden’s recent op-ed in which he outlined his decision to send more advanced rocket systems to Ukraine and to bless Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to join NATO. CVA highlighted the need for greater clarity on what America’s end-state is and the long-term ramifications of these decisions on the American people and the future capabilities of the nation.

CVA Deputy Director Russ Duerstine had this to say in response to the president’s pronouncements:

“President Biden has repeatedly stated he does not want direct American military involvement in the current war in Ukraine, but the actions and rhetoric of his administration have raised the risk of that happening. By continuing to supply billions of dollars’ worth of advanced weaponry to Ukraine while sending mixed signals about what our end-state is, the Biden Administration is only elevating the possibility of a direct confrontation between the United States and a nuclear-armed Russia.

During a time of record inflation, sky-high energy prices, and with a $30 trillion national debt, it is also not in America’s interest to commit additional resources to defend Finland and Sweden by admitting them to NATO. Both countries are wealthy European states that have remained safe and prosperous without being a part of NATO for over 70 years.”

It is easy to understand the emotional reactions many are having to the devastation in Ukraine; but as Americans are struggling at home, President Biden must define clearly how his strategies for Ukraine and NATO are in America’s best interests. American efforts and resources should work both to find a diplomatic end to the conflict and prioritize American safety and prosperity.”



In sharp contrast to the more than $50 billion in aid the United States has pledged to Ukraine, the EU has provided roughly $2.1 billion in military aid to Ukraine in total for a conflict that far more directly implicates their security interests than America’s.

Additionally, as the president provides more armaments to Ukraine, it is notable the United States has nearly emptied its armories of critical and hard-to-replace weaponry to support Ukraine, weakening American defense capabilities.