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Veterans’ take on the second GOP presidential debate

By Concerned Veterans for America

Once again, waiting for Republican presidential candidates to talk about their plans for reforming veterans health care is like waiting for an appointment at the VA – it’s taking way too long. 

We were hopeful that after the first debate, where we heard nothing but lip service toward veterans, candidates would hear the millions around the country calling for answers about veterans health care. 

But in the second debate, veterans were never mentioned, much less their health care discussed.  

CVA’s Brian Fay, Russ Duerstine, and Edrys Leyva before the second GOP presidential debate starts. The three veterans were hoping to hear about the candidates’ plans for ensuring veterans have the health care access they need.

Unfortunately, the candidates spent their time trying to score political points and fit in sound bites. There was plenty of talk about how they planned to use the military, but nothing about how they plan to care for those who served. 

Here’s how a few veterans and military families reacted to the debate and what they want to hear going forward. 

Veterans have significant concerns about their health care. Those running for president have a responsibility to address those concerns. We will continue calling for them to share their plans until they do. 


You can still get in on the movement to hear presidential candidates’ plans for veterans health care. Get on social media and share what you want to hear about veterans care using #VeteransVoicesCount