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Tour of Duty

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Tour of Duty

Already tried volunteering with CVA? Ready to take the next step and make a difference in your community and the future of this country alongside like-minded patriots? If so, you’re ready to join CVA’s Tour of Duty.

Our goal with Tour of Duty is to translate the experience, concerns and hopes unique to veterans and their families into a common vision of freedom. We apply this unique perspective to speak out on issues that threaten to cripple not only our economic and national security, but the spirit of opportunity and liberty that all Americans cherish.

We will never ask you for money – instead we’ll ask you for something far more valuable: your time. Take the pledge today and start your Tour of Duty!



Unsure about this whole phone call & canvassing business, but want to get your feet wet? Sign up and let us know that you’re interested in volunteering with us.

A local director in your area will reach out, find out what you’d like to do, and work to get you involved with the CVA mission in your state.