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These lawmakers promote policies that honor veterans’ sacrifice

American Capital Building with trees

By Concerned Veterans for America

These days it seems like lawmakers are often staring down the opposing party across a deep political divide.

But that’s not always the case.

Recently, some legislators are putting aside their differences to promote policies and reforms that honor veterans’ sacrifices.

Although we won’t agree with everyone on everything, CVA is willing to work with any lawmaker who wants to rethink our country’s foreign policy, target the growing national debt and/or properly care for veterans.

Here are just a few lawmakers who are leading the charge on better policy solutions:

Foreign policy

We’ve been at war in the Middle East for more than 18 years under the same war authorization. The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which allowed operations in Afghanistan after Sept. 11, has since been used to justify actions 41 times in 19 countries.

Rethinking our foreign policy has become a goal for both Republicans and Democrats, bringing together unlikely allies.

Sen. Tom Udall introduced legislation to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran, demanding that Congress debate and decide if action in Iran was necessary rather than deferring to the administration. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz and Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna joined forces to introduce similar legislation in the House.

Additionally, Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Andy Biggs have focused on allied burden sharing. Their legislation would require the Department of Defense to produce a report detailing what the United States and our allies spend on common defense around the world. Knowing this information will better prepare Congress and the military to make spending decisions while calling on our partners to pay their fair share.


We’ve crossed into a new fiscal year, and Washington’s spending is as reckless as ever.

The national debt has surpassed $23 trillion with no signs of slowing down. Yet lawmakers continually raise the debt ceiling and pass larger budgets year after year.

While many in both parties are happy to continue spending us into oblivion, there are a few in Washington who are calling for better spending habits to secure our financial future.

Rep. Chip Roy is new to Congress, but he’s making a name for himself as a member of the House Budget Committee.

Roy opposed the Bipartisan Budget Act, which was filled with outrageous spending and fiscally irresponsible policies. He called out members of both parties for busting through spending caps and refusing to make tough budgeting decisions.

Rep. Greg Steube also opposed the Bipartisan Budget Act, saying “for too long we have kicked the can down the road when it comes to our ever-growing national debt. … This bill simply spends too much money.”

VA reform

Both Roy and Steube also serve on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, where they have been strong advocates for reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Following the example of HVAC ranking member Phil Roe, Roy has pushed for more veterans to be able to access medical care when and where they need it. Roy supported new access standards that expanded the pool of veterans eligible for care from community providers.

Steube has also stood up for veterans by calling out lawmakers who belittle problems at the VA.

These are contentious times in Washington, but some lawmakers have taken steps to rise above politics and provide better policy solutions. Their reforms honor the sacrifice of veterans by making America stronger and safer while keeping the promise to care for vets after service.

We’re calling on ALL lawmakers to honor veterans and their sacrifices with better policy stances. Learn more about our Honor Their Sacrifice campaign and find out how you can help!