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Empty Chair: Do You Know How Often Sen. Baldwin Misses Hearings?

Empty Chair in front of Capitol Building

By Concerned Veterans for America

Our elected officials are in Washington to do one job – represent the people of their state. We expect them to put in long days, go to committee hearings, and understand the problems their constituents face back home. When officials don’t do their jobs, it’s our duty to call them out, especially when their jobs affect the lives of veterans.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin regularly left an empty chair at committee hearings.

She sits on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, but she’s missed more than 70 percent of the committee’s meetings.

The committee investigates fraud and corruption at government agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs. How can she afford to miss that many meetings?

The Tomah VA scandal took place right under Sen. Baldwin’s nose. We’ll never know whether she could have dealt with abuses and mistreatment sooner. When veterans’ lives are on the line, elected officials should show up to their committee meetings.

We urge you to vote against Tammy Baldwin. She didn’t show up.

Watch the full digital ad on Sen. Baldwin’s record here.