July 13, 2022

12 senators have shut down the AIR Commission. Here’s why that’s bad for veterans.

Members of Congress don’t always have veterans’ best interests in mind. Case in point: shutting down the Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission. Recently, a group of senators announced they wouldn’t take any further action on the AIR Commission, a needed review of VA’s facilities and services established under the VA MISSION Act. Their reasoning? The… Read more »

July 6, 2022

‘No veteran should be doomed to this system’ says Florida veteran in response to VA failures

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been failing veterans for a long time. But for one veteran in Florida, this failure was deadly. A VA facility in Gainesville refused to treat a veteran with a heart condition because the facility couldn’t verify the vet’s military status. The veteran was rushed to another hospital nearby and… Read more »

June 24, 2022

Veterans share their stories of experiencing PTSD and how they’ve healed

PTSD is a signature wound of war that many veterans deal with. Because it is so common, it’s all the more important for veterans to have options over where they get mental health treatment, whether at the VA or from a provider in the community. We asked veterans to share their PTSD experiences and tell… Read more »

June 21, 2022

CVA’s 10-year anniversary, by the numbers

Concerned Veterans for America is celebrating 10 years of defending the freedom we fought and sacrificed for in uniform. In the past decade, our staff, activists, volunteers, and partners across the country have achieved more than we ever thought possible. They’ve shown that veterans have the unique skills and experiences to make them effective leaders… Read more »

June 13, 2022

The future of the NATO alliance and U.S. involvement in Europe

NATO was formed with one main goal – stop the emerging Soviet threat of expansion into Western Europe. Seventy years later, the USSR has collapsed, and the former Eastern Bloc has broken into individual nations, leading a casual observer to think the mission was accomplished. But the tensions between Russia and the West remain, brought… Read more »

June 13, 2022

A history of NATO: Why it was formed and what its goals were

Russia’s immoral invasion of Ukraine has sparked international debate and questions about the role of NATO and whether it should be expanded. This month, NATO’s Madrid summit is expected to be an important reimagining of the Alliance’s mission. As the summit nears, examining NATO’s formation and history can help us think more clearly about what… Read more »

May 31, 2022

What would happen if the U.S. had to combat Russia? We answer that question and more

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February, there has been no shortage of ideas and proposals put forward for how the United States should respond. Unfortunately, while many of these ideas are well-intentioned, too often their potential secondary and/or indirect consequences are not fully explored. Given the chaotic nature of war, when… Read more »