February 11, 2022

Koteskey: American military involvement in Ukraine is a bad idea. Here’s why.

By Tyler Koteskey, senior foreign policy analyst at Concerned Veterans for America   The Ukraine crisis continues to escalate. The president recently ordered 3,000 troops to deploy to Eastern Europe and Congress fast-tracked arms transfer and sanctions packages. Meanwhile, significant daylight still remains between competing Russian and U.S. positions in ongoing talks, leaving the very… Read more »

February 9, 2022

Ready to get to work in 2022? Here’s what’s on our agenda this year.

Ready or not, 2022 is in full swing. We at CVA have plans to make this our most effective year ever, working with and for our fellow veterans to continue defending the freedom we fought for in uniform. We’ll do this the same way we always have, by amplifying your voices and speaking up on… Read more »

February 2, 2022

The VA failed this Purple Heart recipient. Now he’s making sure it doesn’t happen to other veterans.

Marine Corps veteran Ben Rangel remembers well the day he earned his Purple Heart. Just a few weeks into his first deployment to Iraq, Ben sustained shrapnel wounds after an IED detonated  a few feet away from him. Those injuries didn’t slow him down. He served eight years in the Marines and a second tour… Read more »

January 25, 2022

Americans in Iraq will continue to be attacked, despite ‘non-combat’ role

As of December 2021, U.S. military forces in Iraq have been designated as “non-combat” and are serving in a “train and equip” capacity. But Concerned Veterans for America Senior Advisor Dan Caldwell points out that this change in mission is “a distinction without a difference.”  The distinction doesn’t make troops any safer, especially given the… Read more »

January 14, 2022

The Biden administration is delaying a key piece of veteran health care reform law. Here’s what you need to know.

The Department of Veterans Affairs quietly announced last week it will delay releasing recommendations for realigning health care facilities and options. This move is a violation of requirements in the VA MISSION Act, and further pushes back needed efforts to review and assess VA facilities and the care they offer. A key piece of the… Read more »

December 17, 2021

What we achieved together in 2021: VA accountability, Afghanistan withdrawal, and more

2021 was a year unlike any other. When we at Concerned Veterans for America announced our 2021 priorities, we couldn’t have imagined the hurdles that would arise or the issues our nation would face. Despite these challenges, our mission — to continue serving the country we fought for in uniform — guided the work we carried out alongside our… Read more »

December 8, 2021

Darin Selnick explains how the VA is violating federal health care law and overruling doctors’ decisions

Since passage of the VA MISSION Act in 2018 and rollout of new access standards for community care, veterans have had more options in where they get their medical care. At least, that is how the law was intended to work. Information obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests has revealed the Department of Veterans… Read more »