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Here’s Who we Met at Vets on the Hill

Vets on the Hill Meet and Greet

By Concerned Veterans for America

2019 Vets on the Hill is in the books!

Our staff of veterans and military family members from all over the country spent two packed days on Capitol Hill, meeting with congressional offices and members – 133 offices to be exact!

CVA members visited offices from 18 states, Republicans and Democrats. They talked about the importance of implementing the VA MISSION Act well and how more access to health care is going to help veteran communities. Staff shared concerns about the ever-increasing national debt and the security risks it poses to our country. They discussed the defense budget and how the Pentagon can spend more wisely.

CVA also tried something new this year – partnering up with VoteVets. Though CVA and VoteVets rarely agree with each other, we’ve found common ground on the need to rethink our foreign policy. Members of both groups sat side-by-side to set an example of bipartisanship when it comes to the use of military force.

Check out some of the offices CVA and Vote Vets visited during Vets on the Hill:

It was a great week on the Hill advocating on behalf of veterans and their families! Check back on The Overwatch to see what we’re doing next!