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Here are CVA’s top policy priorities in 2020

Capitol building with reflections at dusk

By Concerned Veterans for America

Ending America’s endless wars. Ensuring veterans get the health care they were promised. Reining in reckless spending that threatens our national security.  

Achieving even one of these objectives is an ambitious goal toward which to strive.  

But in 2020, Concerned Veterans for America is taking on each of these issues and providing the unique perspective only veterans can give. 

This week, CVA released its 2020 policy agenda. We’ve outlined each area we know is of vital importance to this country and our solutions to the nation’s problems. 

Take a look at what we’re focusing on in 2020: 

  • Providing for a strong national defense with a better foreign policy 

Our leaders must be courageous and principled in their approach to foreign policy. After all, there are lives at stake. 

We’re calling on lawmakers to put an end to our nation’s endless wars and to fulfill Congress’ responsibility to authorize military engagement. 

  • Guaranteeing the care and benefits veterans were promised 

Veterans were promised health care in exchange for serving their country. That care should be available when and where veterans need it. 

We saw incredible progress when the VA MISSION Act was signed into law in 2018, but that was only half the battle. 

Our grassroots army will continue to advocate proper implementation of the VA MISSION Act to ensure veterans have more choice over where they get their medical care. 

We will also continue encouraging lawmakers to find ways to make the VA more effective and efficient. This includes reviewing what facilities and assets the VA owns, finding the best ways to use VA funds, and modernizing the benefits process. 

  • Securing America’s financial future 

Our country has a massive spending problem, in part a result of nearly 20 years of endless war. 

Military leaders have called our debt the greatest security threat America faces. We can’t maintain a strong economy or military readiness while spending and borrowing ourselves into oblivion. 

Yet Congress continues to kick the can down the road rather than making tough decisions about spending and debt. 

That needs to end. 

This year, we’ll demand Congress rein in out-of-control spending by ending our endless wars, reviewing the Department of Defense’s facilities and assets, and reporting what our allies are spending on joint military efforts. 

We know that these battles will not be easily won. Decades of war, spending, debt and limited health care access for veterans won’t change overnight. 

But as veterans, we’re able to call for change like no other group and bring new perspectives to the conversation. We’ve planted our flag and are committed to working on these issues for a stronger and safer nation. 

We served our country in uniform, and we will continue to defend our freedoms here at home. 

Read more of CVA’s 2020 policy agenda.