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Here’s everything you need to be a champion for veterans and the country in 2022

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By Concerned Veterans for America

We at CVA just released our 2022 policy agenda. In it, we’ve identified ways for our grassroots army to drive change in this country, from how the U.S. approaches foreign policy, to how it takes care of its veterans after service.

  • We’re partnering with our activists across the country to call for:
  • Withdrawing all troops from Iraq
  • Reforming war powers and rethinking our country’s foreign policy
  • Ensuring veterans get the medical care they need
  • Reforming how the Department of Veterans Affairs provides that care
  • Tackling outrageous government spending
  • Protecting the country’s ability to provide for a strong national defense

That is a lot of work to get done. If you’re wondering where to get started, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a complete toolkit to assist you in your advocacy work in 2022.

Defend our veterans by demanding VA reform

Whether you are a veteran yourself, a military family member, or someone with a passion for serving those who served, there is plenty you can do to help vets get the care and benefits they were promised.

  • Send a letter to lawmakers – With just a few clicks, you can send an email straight to your representative, senator, and the White House demanding health care freedom for veterans by supporting the Veterans Health Care Freedom Act.  Send a letter today
  • Tell your own story – Have you had experiences with the VA? Good or bad, we want to hear about them. Visit our My VA Story page to submit your own story and read about the experiences of other veterans. Get tips for telling your VA story
  • Get others on board – Your voice is powerful, especially when it’s amplified by others fighting for the same causes. Share the work you are doing to help veterans on your social media and encourage others to get involved too. Here’s a graphics you can download and share to spread the word.

Protect the troops by calling for an end to endless war

Foreign policy is one of the most important things our lawmakers discuss. But for too long, Washington has ignored its responsibilities over wartime decisions. They’ve allowed bad policy to continue at the expense of American lives and military readiness.

But we don’t have to keep going down the wrong path.

  • Call for an end to the war in Iraq – This year, the Iraq War turns 19 years old. Despite an end to the “combat” mission in Iraq, U.S. troops are still deployed there and in constant danger. Troops being in Iraq do not serve a national interest, so it’s time to bring them home. Call for withdrawal from Iraq
  • Learn about a new approach to foreign policy – Withdrawing from Iraq is just one piece of the puzzle. The U.S. needs to rethink foreign policy and embrace a better approach, one characterized by realism and restraint. Check out resources on Rethink Foreign Policy.
  • Share what you’re learning – Want to talk about this new and better approach to foreign policy with your friends? We have plenty of resources for you to share what you’re learning about realism and restraint. Watch and share videos on foreign policy


Ensure the country is safe by tackling wasteful spending

Lawmakers have been talking about outrageous government spending and the national debt for decades, but few are doing anything to change direction. The national debt recently passed $30 trillion and isn’t slowing down, putting our country’s financial future at risk.

If things are going to change, Americans need to hold Washington accountable.

  • Become part of the movement – We’re building a grassroots movement to attack overspending and petitioning Washington to take the national debt and deficit seriously. Sign your name to the petition today.
  • Get details on the looming spending threat – Overspending isn’t just a risk to our financial future, it’s a risk to national defense. Military leaders have stated the greatest threat we face is our national debt. Learn about how the debt and deficit hurt our ability to provide a strong national defense. Visit Target the Debt


Learn more about what’s in CVA’s policy agenda for 2022.