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5 ways you can help bring our troops home from endless wars

Helicopter Dustoff with American Soldiers on LZ

By Concerned Veterans for America

U.S. involvement in Afghanistan could be nearing an end, but only if lawmakers and the president make the right decisions in the coming days.

The Doha agreement, signed by the United States and the Taliban last year, established a timeline to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The deadline for full withdrawal is May 2021.

The war in Afghanistan has already lasted too long – nearly two decades! Failing to stick with the withdrawal deadline would commit the U.S. to more fruitless combat while leaving troops in unnecessary danger.

There is still time to pressure Washington to finally end America’s longest war. But we need your help.

Whether you want to get up to speed on better ways to approach foreign policy or you’re ready to get into the trenches fighting to end our endless wars, there are plenty of ways for you to help bring our troops home. Take a look.

  1. Tell lawmakers it’s time to end America’s endless wars. The best way to effect change is to make your voice heard. It’s simple to get in touch directly with your representative, senators, and even the president. With just a few clicks you can tell Washington to bring our troops home from dangerous deployments and end our endless wars. Send a letter now.

  3. Share your voice with friends and neighbors. Want to share the work you’re doing to rethink our nation’s foreign policy? Jump on social media to share why 20 years of war is enough. Don’t forget to include #EndEndlessWars. Here are a few posts you can copy and paste to your social media and a graphic you can download and share:

America has been at war  in Afghanistan for 20 years, at the cost of 2,400 American lives. It’s past time we brought our men and women home. #EndEndlessWars

For 20 years, America’s heroes have suffered separation, sacrifice, and loss. It’s time to bring them HOME. #EndEndlessWars

  1. Listen to veterans’ and military families’ stories. The cost of war isn’t just in dollars and time, but in lives lost, injuries sustained, and families affected. Nobody knows that better than those who have served in the military and the families who support them. Read some stories from veterans and military families who have paid the true cost of war. If you have a story you’re willing to share, we encourage you to do so. 

  3. Stay up to date on foreign policy issues. Foreign policy can be a complex issue, especially when the U.S. has been at war for nearly 20 years. Keep up to date with foreign policy news on our blog, The Overwatch.

  5. Enlist in CVA’s grassroots army. Take your activism to the next level by joining our grassroots army. Our state chapters consist of veterans, military families, and dedicated supporters who are preserving the freedoms our service members defended in uniform. Become a part of the community with an important mission by registering today.