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The Overwatch

Why do some in Congress want to keep sending troops to Afghanistan?

The United States has been locked into the conflict in Afghanistan since 2001, imposing a tremendous toll on our nation – in both lives and resources. The president and the Department of Defense have evaluated our national interest and put forward a strategy to withdraw U.S. forces by early 2021. Why are some in Congress… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Friday, July 17th 2020

VA Appointment wait times dramatically increase as vets stand by for answers on community care

Three months ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs issued guidance that limited veterans’ access to medical appointments through the Community Care Program. Today, that guidance has yet to be rescinded or even clarified as wait times for appointments continue to skyrocket. The latest data from the VA shows a dramatic increase in appointments taking longer… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Monday, July 13th 2020