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What Arizona Veterans Are Telling Us About the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

Phoenix, AZ – Hundreds of veterans are sharing their experiences with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on, a new Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) platform which launched last week. The organization has been encouraging veterans from around the country to submit their stories to the website or on social media using #MyVAStory. 

Here are a few of the stories we’re seeing in Arizona:

David, Veteran: “I Never Saw Nor Was I Ever Examined by Anyone at My Local VA.” “I’ve had problems with my neck and I told my primary physician. He made a consult to the Neurology doctor and ordered a MRI. After the MRI was done in at my VA, the neurology doctor did a paper consult saying that the displaced discs in my neck would resolve themselves and that I had no neurological deficit…In the end, I saw a spinal surgeon and gave him the MRI disc and he said I should have had surgery a long time ago. In July, I had the discs replaced by the local surgeon and now I am able to function again, drive and type this message, which before would have caused me great pain. And I never saw nor was I ever examined by anyone at my local VA.

Travis, Veteran: I Refuse to Ever Go Back to that VA.” “At the VA in Arizona, I went in for routine Diabetes eye exams, and they found blocked blood vessels in right eye. They said I showed signs of blocked arteries and would schedule further testing. That phone call didn’t come until 2 years later when the scandal started, then my phone was ringing off the hook. The surgery went well, but the patient rooms were so filthy, I’ve seen dog kennels cleaner than these rooms. That probably explains why I went home with eye infections. I refuse to ever go back to that VA.”

Jason, Veteran: “When I Was Finally Seen, It Was by An Outside Practice.” “I have been receiving treatment at my VA facility for about two years now. About eight months back, I walked in to the VA complaining about horrible pain to my right knee. I spoke to the front desk and told them every time I walk for more than an hour or so, I experience pain that had been increasing over time. I was told they would leave a message for my primary care doctor and she would get back to me. While I continued to follow-up, I was not able to see a doctor for 12 weeks…and when I finally was seen, it was by an outside practice provided by the Veterans Choice program!”

Each of the stories are being read and compiled, and CVA’s policy team is looking for broad themes. This information will help inform the kind of VA reforms CVA will fight for moving forward.

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