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New Website Launched to Demand Accountability from the Department of Veterans Affairs

By Concerned Veterans for America

For Immediate Release Contact: Kate Pomeroy | 703-638-3927

New Campaign Aims to Shake Up Dysfunctional VA

Arlington, VA – As the backlog of pending disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) soars to nearly one million, today Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is launching a new website ( and campaign to mobilize veterans and all Americans to demand accountability at VA.  The new push calls on the White House to relieve VA Secretary Eric Shinseki and appoint a new Secretary who will pursue bold, innovative, and overdue reforms to a dysfunctional bureaucracy and calcified culture at VA. This new #MillionVetBacklog campaign includes a call-to-action video and a grassroots petition to keep the pressure on the White House to stop making excuses and start delivering results. Pete Hegseth, CEO of CVA and Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, said the following about the new initiative:

“The dysfunction at VA is deep and wide, growing day-by-day as more facts come out about the length of time veterans are waiting for their pending claims to be resolved. Rather than meeting the needs of veterans in a timely manner, VA’s bloated bureaucracy tells them to take a number and wait in line. That line has grown by 2,000% under this administration—a true failure of leadership. “Secretary Shinseki is an honorable man with a sterling record of military service; however, his tenure at VA has not produced the results he—or the White House—promised four years ago. Now is the time for a new leader and bold reforms.”

White House Petition: Relieve Secretary Shinseki & end the #MillionVetBacklog VIEW Watch New Video: Mr. Secretary, VA is Failing Them VIEW

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