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CVA on VA Under Secretary Hickey’s Resignation: Long Overdue

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va.Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) CEO Pete Hegseth issued the following statement regarding Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Under Secretary Allison Hickey resignation:

“Under Secretary Hickey’s resignation is long overdue, and is a necessary step in making a semblance of progress in improving the culture at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. For too long, Hickey’s department failed to meet even its most basic commitments to our veterans, forcing nearly a million veterans and their families to suffer through uncertainty regarding their claims and the benefits they have earned. Her most recent ‘accomplishment’ was transferring hundreds of thousands of veterans from the claims backlog to the hidden backlog of the appeals process, where veterans languish for years waiting for their benefits, and then claiming ‘victory’ on reducing the backlog. We look forward to hearing more details about her role in the VA employee relocation bonus scandal next Wednesday in the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

“Nothing will change at the VBA, or the VHA for that matter, without system-wide reform. Despite Sec. McDonald’s claims, veterans are less interested in having WiFi at their local facility than in actually being able to take advantage of their benefits and receive timely healthcare. It is time for Pres. Obama and Sec. McDonald to truly get serious about reforming the VA, and making sure our veterans are given the highest quality of service.”

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