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CVA to Gov. Scott: Corporate Welfare Does Not Make Florida Stronger

By Concerned Veterans for America

Tallahassee, FL – Yesterday Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) tried using national defense as a front to justify continuing Enterprise Florida, a corporate welfare program that uses taxpayer dollars to pay out special interests.

The Florida state House recently voted to eliminate the program through H.B. 7005.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Coalitions Director Diego Echeverri issued the following statement:

“Governor Scott’s illogical argument that a program entirely designed to line the pockets of wealthy business owners would somehow hurt our national defense shows just how desperate he has become in this fight. Enterprise Florida exists to take money from hard-working taxpayers and give it to special interests, not to keep the state of Florida secure. The Florida Defense Alliance is a product of Enterprise Florida, not our military, and it is mostly used to preserve the jobs of government bureaucrats. If Governor Scott wants to be truthful with Floridians, he will admit that Enterprise Florida takes money away from important state priorities and that corporate welfare makes us weaker, not stronger, as a state.”

CVA has previously been outspoken on the need to eliminate Enterprise Florida, a program which puts the needs of special interests ahead of the needs of hardworking veterans in the Sunshine State.