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Concerned Veterans for America Calls for Senate VA Committee to Endorse Bipartisan Accountability Proposals

By Concerned Veterans for America

Arlington, Va. Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Press Secretary John Cooper released the following statement calling on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to endorse the accountability proposals put forward and passed by the House of Representatives:

“Chairman Miller and Senator Rubio are right — the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee needs to endorse commonsense reform proposals like the VA Accountability Act so that we can begin to bring true accountability to the VA, and show our veterans that those who provide their care and handle their benefits are held to the highest possible standard. Chairman Isakson and the broader committee should work with the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee to ensure that any accountability proposals reflect the language of H.R. 1994 and S. 1082, which include not just important steps forward on accountability, but also historic whistleblower protections that will empower honest, hardworking employees to report wrongdoing and restore trust in this troubled department.

“The House VA Committee has done the hard work. The language is there. Now, the Senate has a duty to act.”

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