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Concerned Veterans for America Announces Support for Rep. Fleming’s Proposed Amendment to Defense Spending Bill 

By Concerned Veterans for America

Proposed Amendment Would Prevent DOD from Funding Climate Change Projects

Arlington, Va. — Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), along with the American Energy Alliance (AEA), today sent a letter to Congress voicing support for Rep. John Fleming’s (R-LA) proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would prohibit defense funds from being used to carry out parts of Executive Orders 13653 and 13693, which would direct the Department of Defense to implement a host of policies designed to prevent climate change.

The proposed amendment would prevent the department from wasting valuable resources in support of so-called “green energy” initiatives, and would allow the military to focus on its primary mission: keeping Americans safe. In the letter, CVA and AEA write that these mandates would mean “increased costs, further complication of the acquisition process, and additional burdens in logistics, planning, and execution of critical missions.”

Dan Caldwell, CVA’s vice president for political and legislative action, released the following statement regarding the amendment:

“It seems like a simple concept: defense spending bills should be focused on giving the military the funds it needs to equip our warfighters and keep Americans safe. However, this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, as written, would allow resources to be shifted away from these critical tasks to fund the president’s green energy pet projects. This is a waste of public dollars and only serves to distract the military from its core missions. The well-being of our service members and the defense of our nation are too important to be jeopardized by the president’s political agenda and we hope Congress sides with our troops by supporting Fleming’s proposed amendment.”

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