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Wednesday’s Top Links

By Emilye Bell

Wednesday’s Top Links

The Atlanta VA Medical Center has put a price on suicide prevention, and that price is $850,000…to install a fence on the facility’s roof.

The Pentagon has been in a giving mood over the last several years, donating $858 million in property to the Afghan government.

Yesterday, March 29th, was dedicated the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War by the Department of Veteran Affairs and saw towns across the country honor those veterans in their own way. A special thank you for your service to Vietnam veterans.

Major changes could be coming to the Uniform Code of Military Justice regarding the trial and sentencing process troops go through. Insert clever A Few Good Men joke here.

Poor workmanship has sidelined the $2.7 billion U.S.S. Minnesota. Ramifications come in many forms from additional millions being spent to fix the issue and search other vessels, as well as the possible hurt to crew member’s careers.

I can see clearly now…the fraud is gone? A Florida man who has been collecting VA benefits for a service-related eye injury leading to blindness after a stroke admitted this week that the injuries were not as severe as he had claimed. As in, he is not actually blind, and is in fact able to work and drive as he has been doing over the years while collecting benefits.

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