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Wednesday’s Top Links

By Emilye Bell

Wednesday’s Top Links

Check out this week’s top links from around the web:

While the Pentagon discusses major readiness issues, many lawmakers are calling for cuts to military bands. Although they are a time-honored tradition, they cost somewhere in the vicinity of $437 million a year!

In the event you have not seen a television or the Internet in the last two days, VA Secretary Bob McDonald took the opportunity Monday to put his foot in his mouth, comparing wait times at VA facilities to wait times at Disneyland. He believes that if Disney doesn’t measure success in wait times then neither should the VA. Side note: Disney does measure success in wait times.

President Obama made a historic announcement on his trip to Vietnam this week – the lift of a years’ long embargo on arms sales to the country. Tensions continue to rise in the region between the United States and China after the move.

In an effort to better understand the Army Rangers he regularly supports, Chief Master Sgt. William Speck became the first Air Force chief to graduate from Ranger School at the ripe old age of 39.

Courts of law have begun to take special care of veterans within the legal system, helping those in need through treatment programs. One of these specialty veteran courts in Rhode Island is seeing success through a staggeringly low recidivism rate around six percent.

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