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Reintroduced Veterans Health Care Freedom Act would expand health care choice and remove barriers to care at the VA

Veterans need access to timely, quality medical care for their unique needs. Thanks to a newly re-introduced bill, expanded access to care could soon be a reality for millions of veterans who use the Department of Veterans Affairs for their health care delivery and benefits. The Veterans Health Care Freedom Act, introduced in the Senate… Read more »

By Emilye Bell
Wednesday, May 10th 2023

What is the GHAPS Act, and why is it important to veterans?

The Guaranteeing Healthcare Access to Personnel Who Served (GHAPS) Act represents a crucial step in putting veterans at the center of their health care. The bill would build on the foundational success of the VA MISSION Act, a landmark law that empowered more veterans with greater choice over where they access medical care. The GHAPS… Read more »

By Emilye Bell
Friday, August 26th 2022

Purple Heart recipients share their experiences with VA care

The Purple Heart is a sacred award, given to those who sustained injuries while in combat. But at the Department of Veterans Affairs, even the Purple Heart doesn’t necessarily guarantee you quality, timely care. Ahead of National Purple Heart Day, we asked Purple Heart recipients what it has been like getting care at the VA…. Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Thursday, August 4th 2022

‘No veteran should be doomed to this system’ says Florida veteran in response to VA failures

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been failing veterans for a long time. But for one veteran in Florida, this failure was deadly. A VA facility in Gainesville refused to treat a veteran with a heart condition because the facility couldn’t verify the vet’s military status. The veteran was rushed to another hospital nearby and… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Wednesday, July 6th 2022

Scandal has become the status quo at VA eight years after Phoenix

Eight years ago, the Phoenix Veterans Affairs scandal broke, alerting the public to egregious mismanagement of veterans care. A concerted effort at the Phoenix VA to manipulate and cover up appointment wait times kept veterans away from needed medical care. Inspector General and Government Accountability Office investigators found the manipulation was being practiced all over the… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Friday, April 8th 2022

More VA documents expose wait-time manipulation and denial of care

The more we find out, the worse it gets. A new wave of documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request provide more evidence that the Department of Veterans Affairs is purposefully keeping veterans away from community health care options by miscalculating appointment wait times. These revelations are further confirmation that the VA is… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Wednesday, March 30th 2022

CVA policy director outlines four ways Congress can help veterans in 2022

By Juliana Heerschap, CVA policy director Concerned Veterans for America recently released our 2022 policy agenda. In it, we outlined the issues where we think we can make the biggest differences in advancing policies that will benefit veterans, the military community, and their families. We approach these issues from the ground up. Our grassroots army… Read more »

By Concerned Veterans for America
Thursday, March 24th 2022