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#VAFail – Pictures of Trash-Filled Clinic Room Spark Investigation

By Concerned Veterans for America

#VAFail – Pictures of Trash-Filled Clinic Room Spark Investigation

“It’s kind of weird that the people who are there to service us kind of see us as a hindrance more than anything. We don’t seem to be a priority.”

Those are the words of Army veteran Christopher Wilson after visiting a Department of Veterans Affairs clinic in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. Staff examined Wilson in a room with deplorable conditions – a dirty sink, medical equipment covering the counter and an overflowing trash can. Staff didn’t move Wilson from the room. Instead, they conducted his appointment surrounded by trash and filth.

Luckily, Wilson’s dad was with him to snap photos, so the clinic will be held accountable. Stephen Wilson called the conditions “unprofessional, unsanitary and disrespectful.”

A spokeswoman for the clinic apologized for the experience and said an investigation into the room’s conditions and cleaning processes at the clinic was underway.

But Christopher Wilson doesn’t seem surprised by this experience. “It’s always something,” he said. His story is now one of the countless tales of inadequate care, poor conditions and utter disrespect for patients within the VA health care system.

Veterans shouldn’t be stuck in a system that puts them in dirty clinical rooms. They should be empowered with the choice to see a private physician if the VA doesn’t care for them properly.

Tell Congress you’re sick of these horror stories and you want it to support choice for veterans.