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James, Ohio

VA is getting a little bit better with treatments but it still takes a long time to get in. It takes a long time to get approval for outside treatment. I can’t drive an hour and 20 minutes to Cleveland every time I need a treatment and miss work.

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

Jonathan, Ohio

I have a service connected disability and I use the VA health system exclusively. Before COVID 19 the wait times were astounding. A few years ago I was sitting in the VA ER in Cleveland with difficulty breathing. I spent over 8 hours start to finish with only about 2 hours of that in a room. I was mostly treated in the waiting room with a tank and a nebulizer…My worst fear is that the VA will say they don’t think the condition is a emergency and I have no other insurance so I would be footed the bill. I have on multiple occasions made sure that I only went to the VA no where else due to that fact.

By Matthew Mirus
Tuesday, July 6th 2021