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Erle, New York

Employees need to answer their phone, listen to their messages, and return call to the veterans – WHO NEED THEIR HELP!

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

Joe, New York

My experiences with the VA have been generally good. The problem I find is the length of time from getting evaluated and having tests done.

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, July 27th 2021

Eric, New York

I have had the best care from my local VA clinic. No wait times and very caring people.

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, July 27th 2021

Thomas, New York

During the pandemic I had an appointment with the VA urologist as a follow-up because of elevated PSA, the VA canceled and rescheduled it four times until I asked why and was told they were only seeing patients on an emergency basis. [M]y condition was probably not an emergency but I felt it was urgent enough that I transferred my records to a civilian urologist.

By Matthew Mirus
Tuesday, July 6th 2021