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Jerry, Nevada

My experiences with the Veterans Administration are usually very good. However, there are occasions when I request to see my VA doctors, that there are no available appointments for 3-6 months, resulting in my having to be seen by a non-VA doctor

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, November 2nd 2021

Anthony, Nevada

Decided to start using VA medical benefits last year. Had to wait about 3 months for first appointment and it had to be over the phone due to COVID. Since then, outside of wait time to get appointments it’s been great. No long wait times at the appointments and I’m happy with everyone I’ve seen, they’ve been great. Again the only bad thing is the wait time to get appointment.

By Emilye Bell
Tuesday, July 27th 2021

Linda, Nevada

When COVID first began, I became sick and tried to get an appointment to see a doctor. It took 6 months before they finally let me see a doctor in person. By that time, I was diagnosed with pneumonia in one lung, bronchitis in the other one. The end result after 2 rounds of medications and 3 more months, was a partially collapsed lung and scarring in the lung the pneumonia was in. I now have permanent lung damage as a result.

By Matthew Mirus
Tuesday, July 6th 2021