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Ed, Montana

Delays in treatment and misdiagnosed associated problems led to a steady increase in my disabilities, 5 career changes to stay working and providing for my family!
Having 11 primary care doctors in less than that many years, there was no continuity or follow up in monitoring my care at the VA.
Consults to specialty providers outside the VA under the Choice Act were changed, canceled, or delayed which increased disability from walking with a single point cane, to a bariatric walker, and now in a wheelchair to prevent falling anymore. Promise of home health care, but no caregivers available in my area, requests to be sent to a poly trauma care unit for the many problems left undiagnosed and find the proper care for!
The Mission act was a great program at the VA to get care I needed in the community, but difficult at times to move through it to get care in a timely manner. For the newly disabled veteran or VA patient can take a long time to get the appropriate care. The GHAPS Act legislation is needed to codify the proper treatment to the veteran that served without delays in treatment. If unavailable at the local VA, [the veteran] should be referred to care in the community without delayed.

By Emilye Bell
Thursday, February 16th 2023