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This Week on the Hill

By Concerned Veterans for America

This Week on the Hill

It’s going to be a quiet week, as most members of the House of Representatives have headed home to their districts for August recess. The Senate is scheduled to be in session this week and throughout most of the month of August.

But the break won’t halt all activity from the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Here’s a look at what’s happening on both the House and Senate sides of the Hill this week.


Since the Senate is still in session, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on pending legislation on Wednesday, August 1 at 2:30 p.m. The committee is going over 15 bills that cover medical records, hiring, burial and more. Watch the hearing here.


The House Veterans Affairs Committee took advantage of time away from Washington by holding a field hearing in Camarillo, California on Monday, July 30. Committee members heard from witnesses on long-term care at the VA and how it can be improved. This hearing comes on the heels of recent reportsĀ detailing the poor quality ratings of VA nursing homes.

Check back with The Overwatch for more updates on activity in Washington that affects veterans and their families.