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Watch: CVA volunteer leaves a legacy of dedication and service

By Concerned Veterans for America

As Beverly Henderson looks back on memories of her late husband Allan, she recalls how service was a part of their lives from the very beginning. 

“Three months into our marriage, Allan received a letter, and from then on was in the U.S. military,” Beverly says as she and daughter Sharina flip through photos of Allan in uniform. 

Allan was a Vietnam War veteran who loved his country. Even decades after service, he was frustrated with the direction he saw the country going in and decided to do something about it – with a little prodding from Beverly to get him started. 

“There was a lot of political talk at home,” Beverly shared. “I remember telling Allan ‘No more. If you don’t get involved in something that makes this country stronger, no more political talk.’” 

That’s where CVA came in. 

Allan went on to become a volunteer with CVA, one that lives the spirit of dedication to this country, both in uniform and after service.  

You can watch Allan’s full story here. 

Allan passed away in 2023, but he left a legacy of service we can all learn from. At CVA, that dedication to country and community is what guides everything we do. 

CVA is fortunate to be made up of Allan Henderson’s all over the country – men and women who want to see this country they served and sacrifice for prosper. And CVA gives those veterans the opportunity to continue giving back to the country, just like Allan did. 

Will you become a leader like Allan too? 

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