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Watch: Army veteran shares solutions for veterans to receive the care they need

By Concerned Veterans for America

Army veteran Amanda Tallman thought the Department of Veterans Affairs would be there to help her with her physical and mental health after leaving service. But what she experienced was far from helpful.

Amanda faced hurdles and barriers at the VA that took a toll on her health, especially at the embattled Phoenix VA medical center.

After struggling to get the care she needed for service-connected injuries, Amanda was able to access care in her community. She found peace and healing with providers of her choice that met her unique needs.

Amanda joined a recent episode of The American Potential Podcast to tell her story and share her positive vision for a better approach to veterans’ health care, one that puts veterans in the driver’s seat.


Community care is often the best option for veterans with unique needs such as Amanda. They should have the freedom to chose when and where they seek their care, whether at the VA or from a community provider.

Tell Congress to support health care freedom for veterans.