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Ted Cruz Outlines the Most Important Reforms Needed at the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

San Angelo had an opportunity to talk with Sen. Ted Cruz about veterans and military issues on Wednesday. The senator joined Concerned Veterans for America for our Defend and Reform Town Hall series to discuss changes being made at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

CVA’s executive director, Dan Caldwell, discussed major legislative victories for veterans over the past 18 months, the most important being the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act and the VA MISSION Act. These laws make it easier to discipline poorly performing VA employees and give veterans more access to medical care, respectively.

Sen. Cruz stressed “the most important reform that we need to see concerning the VA is a widespread expansion of veterans choice.” The VA MISSION Act is a huge step towards giving veterans that choice over where they seek their care.

VA medical care wasn’t the only topic of discussion at Wednesday’s town hall. Sen. Cruz spoke about ensuring VA employees aren’t spending their work hours on union activity, a problem he addresses in the Veterans Protection Act. He also discussed ongoing efforts to audit the Pentagon.

Watch the rest of the town hall to hear what Cruz and CVA have to say about VA health care, VA management and defense spending!