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Republican presidential candidates completely ignore veterans issues in third debate

By Concerned Veterans for America

If you were watching the debate with a bingo card in hand, you’d certainly be able to cross out mentions of the economy, the threat of China, entitlement reform, abortion, health care, and a host of other issues.  

What you didn’t hear though was any mention of reform to the Department of Veterans Affairs or better health care options for those who served the country in uniform. With all the talk of getting the United States into or out of wars, you’d think there would at least be a small mention of how we care for those who fight the wars. 

But alas, there was not. 

There is no doubt candidates will thank us for our service throughout the Veterans Day weekend. But gratitude means much less without a meaningful discourse around the struggles we face in our health care on the country’s biggest political stage. 

But we’re continuing to call for candidates to share their plans for better health care options for veterans. 

Here’s a look at what veterans were saying during and after the debate: 

Calling for better health care options for veterans doesn’t end with the debates. Share your thoughts on giving veterans greater choice on social media using #VeteransVoicesCount