April 11, 2019

Op-ed: 18 years later, it’s time for Congress to take control of endless wars

In case you haven’t heard, Concerned Veterans for America is working with an unlikely partner to accomplish a common goal. We’ve had our share of disagreements with VoteVets in the past, especially over veterans health care. But recently, we’ve found something we agree on – the need to end America’s “forever wars” in the Middle… Read more »

April 9, 2019

Five Years after Phoenix: What’s Changed and What Still Needs To

On April 10, 2014, a story broke in the Arizona Republic that would ripple across the country. The public found out that veterans at the Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center had been waiting weeks or months for medical appointments. Not only that, but hundreds of veterans were found on secret wait lists, designed to hide how long… Read more »

April 8, 2019

This Week on the Hill: A Major Hearing that will Affect Veterans

Welcome to another week on Capitol Hill. There will be plenty to report on, especially in the veterans’ space. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie will testify before the Senate VA Committee on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. Wilkie will discuss implementation of the VA MISSION Act and the progress being made in rolling out… Read more »

April 2, 2019

SitRep: VA MISSION Act comment period is closed. Now what?

If you’ve been following along with Concerned Veterans for America for the last several weeks, you’ve heard plenty about new access standards for non-VA medical care. Under the VA MISSION Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs proposed new standards that would give veterans more choice over their health care. More veterans would have an opportunity… Read more »

April 1, 2019

This week on the Hill: Budgeting in full force and a guest from NATO

It’s budgeting season in the Capitol, so that’s where much of lawmakers’ attention will be. Many committees will spend the coming weeks hearing from agencies and departments on their proposed budgets for fiscal year 2020. Last month, the budget request from President Donald Trump and the Department of Veterans Affairs sought sizable spending increases. CVA… Read more »

March 28, 2019

3 myths about the VA MISSION Act

There’s a lot of untrue and inaccurate information out there about the VA MISSION Act. Opponents of more choice for veterans continue spouting the same old scare tactics, saying more access to community care will privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs and put needed programs at risk. So let’s set the record straight. Here are… Read more »

March 21, 2019

5 days left to comment on the VA MISSION Act

Have you submitted a comment about the VA MISSION Act’s new access standards yet? If not, you have only five days left to let Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs know how you feel about new standards for accessing health care that would affect you and your family. Need a refresher on what this… Read more »