September 8, 2023

#VAFail: South Carolina VA facility did not provide quality care, potentially leading to veteran’s suicide

According to Stop Soldier Suicide, veterans are 57% more likely to die by suicide than people who have not served in the military. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for post-9/11 veterans, accounting for nearly a quarter of all deaths. Veterans and their families — who already have sacrificed for this country — deserve… Read more »

September 1, 2023

#VAFail: An epidemic of suicide at VA facilities

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time to especially focus on the suicide epidemic in the veteran community. An average 17 veterans take their lives every day in the United States, but the number actually could be much higher. A new study just found the most staggeringly high suicide numbers are amongst post-9/11 veterans. Four… Read more »

August 30, 2023

Veterans health care solutions left out of first primary debate

For veterans hoping to hear about the Republican presidential candidates’ ideas for improving veterans’ health care, the first primary debate was a letdown.  CVA staff on the ground in Milwaukee and around the country hoped to hear anything about these candidates’ plans to improve veterans’ health care.   Through our #VeteransVoicesCount campaign on Twitter, we tried… Read more »

August 25, 2023

#VAFail: VA staff ‘routinely missed’ opioid use disorder diagnoses

Medical paperwork offers health care providers information about a patient’s current circumstances, and their history. Those records are vital and could dictate the course of care.   But at the Department of Veterans Affairs, doctors often ignore this information. Veterans may be dying as a result.    VA practitioners missed opioid history  As Military Times reported,… Read more »

August 18, 2023

#VAFail: Houston VA medical center accused of mistreatment after veteran’s health declines

In Houston, an unexpected nightmare began for veteran David Norman Williams inside the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.  Constance Williams, David’s wife, shared his story with Houston’s KPRC 2 in May.   On March 4, the 74-year-old veteran was admitted for a kidney transplant. As of the time of the report, he had remained there… Read more »

August 17, 2023

Here’s what veterans want to hear from candidates about their health care at the first GOP presidential debate

The 2024 election cycle is already underway with the first GOP presidential debate taking place August 23 in Milwaukee. The debate will feature a full roster of the candidates for the GOP ticket who have qualified according to their fundraising and polling numbers. The candidates will use this first debate as a chance to plant… Read more »

August 11, 2023

#VAFail: Report finds the VA is actively working against veterans accessing community care for substance use treatment

Addiction is a disease. Like with a heart attack or stroke, care cannot be delayed when a patient needs it most.  But that’s what is happening at the Department of Veterans Affairs.   According to Military Times, veterans are waiting weeks or even months to receive substance abuse treatment. The VA also is ignoring a federal… Read more »