October 13, 2023

#VAFail: Florida Army veteran shares struggles with mental health care at the VA

For many veterans, deployment doesn’t end when they come back home. The brutal memories from service haunt many veterans, leaving them isolated and confused.    Access to quality mental health care is critical for veterans’ transition to civilian life. Sadly, Army veteran Brian Fay, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, struggled when he got home… Read more »

October 6, 2023

#VAFail: VA claims staff quitting in droves. what does that mean for health care?

We talk a lot about the Department of Veterans Affairs failing veterans on the health care side of VA, but there are also failures on the benefits side.  The VA was already overwhelmed with a backlog of disability benefits claims before last year when the PACT Act, extending new presumptive benefits to millions of veterans… Read more »

October 3, 2023

Veterans’ take on the second GOP presidential debate

Once again, waiting for Republican presidential candidates to talk about their plans for reforming veterans health care is like waiting for an appointment at the VA – it’s taking way too long.  We were hopeful that after the first debate, where we heard nothing but lip service toward veterans, candidates would hear the millions around… Read more »

September 28, 2023

#VAFail: Unacceptable care deficiencies may have resulted in veteran’s suicide at VA facility

Veteran suicide is an epidemic, with an average of at least 17 veterans taking their lives every day. There are questions about whether that is a reliable number, but if anything, it’s likely higher.  A particularly tragic part of this epidemic is the scourge of suicides at Veterans Affairs facilities.   A 2020 Government Accountability… Read more »

September 22, 2023

Will presidential candidates talk about veterans health care this time around?

In the last GOP presidential debate, candidates neglected to lay out any of their plans for reforming veterans health care.  So let’s try this again.  We asked more veterans around the country what they want to hear from candidates about better health care and the Department of Veterans Affairs.    I’m most concerned about the… Read more »

September 19, 2023

War costs more than just dollars. But does Congress remember that?

The cost of war is not just measured in dollars and statistics. Beyond those numbers are the faces of individual veterans, who’ve taken on the hidden costs of war.    Veterans put their lives on the line defending the Constitution, and they come back with scars, both seen and unseen.    The Constitution they’ve served… Read more »

September 13, 2023

Watch: Close the door on the Iraq War and unnecessary deployments

Congress has a chance to reclaim its duty to debate and vote on military engagement. Will members follow through?  In a new video from Concerned Veterans for America, combat veteran Jason Beardsley shares the reason why outdated authorizations for use of military force need to be repealed.  “Washington has sent thousands of U.S. troops to… Read more »