December 13, 2017

National Guard Celebrates 381 Years

The National Guard has the distinction of being the first organized militia in the United States. The National Guard is older than the nation itself, turning 381 years old this year! Its roots are found in the history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where colonial militia were organized into three regiments. Those regiments still have… Read more »

December 8, 2017

#VAFail – VA knowingly hires physicians with troubled pasts

Last week the Government Accountability Office released a report confirming that the VA has repeatedly neglected to report poorly performing doctors to national databases and state licensing boards. Failure to report misconduct or malpractice resulted in doctors’ ability to obtain employment outside the VA health care system, potentially putting more patients in danger. The VA is… Read more »

December 4, 2017

CVA Praises McCain-Moran VA Reform Bill

Group says bill will stabilize system, pave way for expanded choice for veterans. Arlington, Va. – Concerned Veterans for America is praising Sens. John Mcain (R-Ariz.) and Jerry Moran (R-Ks.) for introducing the Veterans Care and Community Access Act of 2017.  The grassroots group sent a letter of support to the senators on Friday, pointing out… Read more »

December 1, 2017

#VAFail – You Did It Too!—The Dueling Arrest Records That Kept VA Employees From Getting Fired

When Elizabeth Rivera was put on indefinite suspension from her job at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Puerto Rico, she had a foolproof argument to convince her boss to reinstate her: “You were arrested too and you weren’t suspended.” According to a recent report, Rivera was placed on suspension in 2015 after being… Read more »

November 30, 2017

#VAFail – New Report: In Most Cases, VA Failing to Report Poorly Performing Doctors

The Government Accountability Office released a report this week confirming that the Department of Veterans Affairs has failed to report poorly performing doctors at an incredibly high rate over the last several years. And, the VA’s handling of complaints about certain doctors has been slow, taking months or years in some instances. The GAO stressed that… Read more »

November 21, 2017

New legislation would be a win for veterans

The Veterans Choice Program is in desperate need of reform. It’s arbitrary requirements and poor management are a testament to a past culture of failed VA leadership. But that could all change if Congress has the courage to overhaul the current choice system and give veterans the ability to access the health care they’ve earned…. Read more »

November 20, 2017

Secret Wait Lists Were Still in Use Last Year at Colorado VAs

Last week, the Office of Inspector General released its report on wait list complaints within the Eastern Colorado Health Care System. Its findings backed up claims that ECHCS staff were using unofficial wait lists to track referrals for mental health care. The improper use of separate wait lists for health appointments at the VA has… Read more »