January 16, 2019

Here’s the Plan: CVA’s 2019 Federal Legislative Agenda

There’s plenty of work to be done in Washington this year, work that effects veterans and civilians across the country. As the new Congress gets settled in, we’re making sure they prioritize veterans and the freedoms we fought to defend. Yesterday, Concerned Veterans for America released its 2019 federal legislative agenda, outlining our targets for… Read more »

January 14, 2019

This Week on the Hill: More of the Same

In case you haven’t heard, the government is shut down. Well, part of it at least. Today, the government starts day 24 of a partial shutdown, affecting multiple departments including Homeland Security, State and Treasury. House members have passed multiple appropriations bills by department to get some agencies in the government up and running, but… Read more »

January 10, 2019

So, the DoD Failed its Audit. Now What?

When the Department of Defense underwent its first-ever comprehensive audit, the goal was never to get a passing grade. It was clear before audit began that the department would fail, and longstanding financial issues would be disclosed to the public. So, now what? How can the DOD improve its chances of passing an audit the… Read more »

January 7, 2019

This Week on the Hill: Big Changes and Bigger Decisions

Welcome to 2019! We’re only a week into the new year, but there’s already plenty of activity in Washington to get the new Congress up and running. New members were sworn into office last week and are moving into new offices. The first order of business was to elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of… Read more »

December 18, 2018

Here’s What We Accomplished in 2018

This has been a monumental year for Concerned Veterans for America. Our thousands of activists and supporters were instrumental in getting crucial legislation passed and getting veterans out to vote. For that, we thank all those who gave their time and effort to partnering with CVA in 2018. In Washington, mission one was getting the… Read more »

December 13, 2018

Throwing Money at Problems Doesn’t Work; The VA Is Proof

The Department of Veterans Affairs has had more than its share of problems. In the eyes of many in the VA and in Congress, the way to fix those problems is to increase the VA’s budget. After all, more money means more opportunity to fix wait times, staff shortages and outdated equipment, right? Wrong. The… Read more »

December 10, 2018

This Week on the Hill – Back on Schedule

Congress had an unexpected week off last week due to ceremonies and services for President George H. W. Bush. Thousands gathered in Washington to pay respects to the 41st president as he lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda. Votes and committee hearings were postponed, so members will have some time to make up as… Read more »