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New Poll: Majority of veterans and military families want to end ‘endless wars’

US Military Helicopter with Soldier

By Concerned Veterans for America

In a recent poll, Concerned Veterans for America found veterans and their families are increasingly looking to draw down military engagement around the world. 

More than two thirds of veterans, 67 percent, voiced support for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, up nearly 10 points (8%) from just three years ago. Similarly, 68 percent of veterans support full withdrawal from Iraq. 

A majority of military households and the general population agree with this strong desire to withdraw from these “endless wars.”  

CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson commented on the results:  

Veterans and military families understand better than anyone that our foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, has gone awry and is no longer serving our national interests. It is therefore no surprise there is strong support among both groups for withdrawing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan along with support for more diplomacy in our foreign policy. 

In addition to foreign policy issues, respondents also answered questions about the Department of Veterans Affairs and veterans’ health care. Support for more health care options for veterans remains high.  

Eighty-seven percent of  veterans and military households favor allowing veterans to use VA health benefits outside the system. Additionally, 86 percent of veterans support flexibility in their VA health benefits even if it meant spending a little more out of pocket. 

Finally, polling found veterans and military families are concerned about  federal spending. Seventy-one percent of veterans and 67 percent of military households believe the national debt is a threat to the country. The majority of the general public (60 percent), veterans (61 percent), and military households (67 percent) believe military and defense spending should be decreased or stay the same.  

These findings over several years have shown veterans and the military community, along with the general public, are tired of the status quo. They want a more effective foreign policy, flexibility for veterans’ health care, and responsible spending in Washington. 

We’ll continue to work toward those goals with our grassroots army and coalition partners around the country.  

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