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NEW POLL: Americans deeply skeptical of Biden Administration’s Saudi Deal

By Concerned Veterans for America

The Biden Administration has been pushing for a deal that would strengthen diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. In the deal, the United States would provide Saudi Arabia support towards a civilian nuclear program and a NATO style security guarantee that would put American servicemembers on the line for their defense, while Israel would commit to progress towards a Palestinian state.

CVA polled Americans across the nation about their views on this proposed deal. Many Americans expressed deep skepticism about the Biden administration’s plan.

When asked about whether the United States should provide support to the Saudi nuclear program, 58% of respondents were opposed and only 12% were in support. When asked about committing American troops to Saudi Arabia’s defense, 43% of Americans were opposed, while only 19% were in support.

A fair number of Americans did support the White House encouraging Saudi Arabia and Israel to normalize relations, but poll results suggest they don’t agree with the concessions that President Biden is pushing as part of the deal. Notably, Saudi Arabia and Israel already quietly cooperate on intelligence sharing and military exchanges, and normalization would be in both countries’ interests, and should not require the United States’ making nuclear and defense commitments.

When reminded of the involvement of Saudi nationals in the September 11 terror attack in New York City and Saudi Arabia’s atrocious human rights record, even more respondents asserted the Biden administration’s proposed deal was not in America’s interests.

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