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No More Games. Pass the VA MISSION Act.

Medium Shot of Capitol Building with American Flag

By Concerned Veterans for America

This week, both the House and Senate are discussing the VA MISSION Act, bipartisan legislation that will overhaul and reform the Veterans Choice Program along with other facets of the Veterans Health Administration.

The Choice Program is set to run out of money by May 31st. That deadline is quickly approaching and threatens the care of veterans around the country who use the Veterans Choice Program. That’s why Congress must pass the VA MISSION Act as soon as possible without playing any morepolitical games.

In a recent op-ed, CVA’s Executive Director Dan Caldwell said:

The wider committee and the House recognize that this bipartisan deal is a must-pass with the funding deadline approaching, and that it’s as close to a consensus bill as there can be in Washington.

More importantly, every day a bill like this sits in Congress is a day a veteran remains stuck without access to high-quality care in their community.

Read the rest of Caldwell’s op-ed to learn more about the importance of the VA MISSION Act.