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LISTEN: Here’s What CVA’s Dan Caldwell Has to Say About the VA

By Concerned Veterans for America

The Department of Veterans Affairs has serious flaws. But the VA also plays a vital role in veterans’ well-being after their service. In a recent interview with Connecting Vets, Concerned Veterans for American Executive Director Dan Caldwell shared CVA’s vision for how the VA should work better for veterans.

“We want the VA to be a good choice for veterans,” Caldwell said while discussing health care options for the veterans community. The recently signed VA MISSION Act goes a long way toward making sure veterans can make that choice by expanding access to private community care. But that doesn’t mean the VA isn’t an important part of the system.

“Everything we believe in requires the VA to be around,” Caldwell continued, stressing that the VA should be strengthened by accountability, reforms and modernization to build it into a better care provider. Those veterans who want to continue receiving care from the VA should have a well-managed VA health care system.

Caldwell has more to say about reforming the VA. Listen to the rest of the interview with Connecting Vets here!

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