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Here’s What We Accomplished in 2018

By Concerned Veterans for America

This has been a monumental year for Concerned Veterans for America. Our thousands of activists and supporters were instrumental in getting crucial legislation passed and getting veterans out to vote. For that, we thank all those who gave their time and effort to partnering with CVA in 2018.

In Washington, mission one was getting the VA MISSION Act through Congress and signed into law. The VA MISSION Act is a transformational veterans health care reform bill that will empower veterans with more control over their health care and begin to put veterans, not bureaucrats, at the center of the VA.

Getting this bill through Congress was no small feat. Our grassroots army flooded the inboxes and voicemails of their representatives, stormed Capitol Hill to educate members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, and shared information with friends, family and communities. We were also able to defeat multiple attempts to water down the VA MISSION Act by the VA bureaucracy and opponents of veterans’ health care choice.

Some of our CVA supporters were even able to join us at the White House as President Trump signed this pivotal bill into law.

2018 was also an election year. CVA connected with hundreds of thousands of veterans in key states like Florida, Texas and Nevada to get them out to vote.

Our activists knocked on 50,000 doors, sent 450,000 text messages, made 1 million phone calls, contacted elected official through our online action center and connected with us on social media to ensure veterans and their families had their voices heard in the electoral process. Through those efforts, we’re making sure our elected officials support policies that preserve the freedom and prosperity that we fought and sacrificed for while in uniform.

In 2019, with a new Congress and new state legislatures convening across the country, we will face new challenges. But we’ll have exciting opportunities to advance policies that break down the barriers and help veterans realize their full potential.

Please keep following us on Facebook, Twitter and on our website to find out what we are planning for 2019 and how you can stay involved.

To all those who made 2018 a success, we can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!