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CVA’s Nate Anderson on events in the U.S. Capitol

Medium Shot of Capitol Building with American Flag

By Concerned Veterans for America

Like most of America, I am deeply troubled by the events that transpired in our nation’s capital yesterday. Peaceful transitions of power are a hallmark of our democracy and attempts to subvert it are simply indefensible.

The events of yesterday do not reflect the America I fought and sacrificed for, and I suspect many veterans agree. What was on display was not democracy. It was violent, destructive, and shameful. Above all, it was un-American.

As we reflect in the wake of these events, we must resist the dangerous tribalism that has led to this moment, and instead remain optimistic in our future. This country, and the values it stands for, will endure.

I believe in America because I believe in Americans. I believe in the democratic values we share, and the freedoms that give hope to so many.

We can realize those ideals when we find common ground, and I hope you will join me in that aspiration.