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CVA joins cross-partisan group calling for Afghanistan withdrawal by May 1

4 Soldiers on Patrol with Desert Background

By Concerned Veterans for America

The May 1 deadline for withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan is just a few short weeks away, but Concerned Veterans for America and others are still calling on President Joe Biden to stick to that deadline.

CVA has joined eight other organizations across the political spectrum in advocating that Biden adhere to the Doha agreement and bring troops home by May 1:

On behalf of our membership and veterans across the country who have answered the call to serve our country, we urge you to honor the sacrifices our troops and their families are willing to make on America’s behalf by not asking our women and men in uniform to remain entangled in a conflict with no clear military mission or path to victory. … Our members are proud of their service, but they know it is long past time for America to come home from Afghanistan.

The coalition cautioned the president against any misguided efforts to extend the deadline for withdrawal:

Delaying the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will keep our troops in harm’s way and provoke needless further bloodshed, for an unclear mission that is not necessary to keep America and Americans safe.

Commenting on the letter, CVA Executive Director Nate Anderson said:

After 20 years of conflict and failed nation building in Afghanistan, we must accept that the best thing for America is to end our military involvement and bring our troops home. A continued presence in Afghanistan is not critical for America’s safety, yet it continues to undermine the conditions of our prosperity at home. The May 1 Doha agreement deadline is the best opportunity for President Biden to end America’s endless war and position the United States for a more productive foreign policy.

CVA’s members, and those of our coalition partners, have skin in this game. Many of us deployed to Afghanistan over the past 20 years and have seen U.S. efforts shift from original goals of punishing the Taliban and decimating al-Qaida to unclear missions and nation building. We know the sacrifices made in Afghanistan. We know our presence there is no longer necessary. It’s time to leave.

Do you agree that the U.S. should withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 1? Tell Washington now!